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Planning a trip to Isle of Palms? Stay updated on the happenings of the Carolina Coast with our Isle of Palms News blogs. We provide updates on new airlines flying to the nearby Charleston airport, changes being made to the website, and news on local festivals and more! Check this blog for news and updates as you plan your Isle of Palms vacation!

pickleball players

It’s the “sport” that’s taking the nation - nay, the world - by storm. People of all ages are going nuts for it. They’re trading in their racquets for paddles. Tennis courts are being co-opted for it. Leagues are forming left and right.

Pickleball has...

Happy Very Big Birthday to an Isle of Palms institution. It’s hard to believe the beloved Windjammer has been around for half a century.

handicapped beach access in Isle of Palms

The Isle of Palms has a giving spirit. City officials recently announced a couple of new freebies that will hopefully make folks’ visit to the beach even better, plus give you a little reminder of the Isle to take home with you.


Now that life is getting back to normal, flying has taken off once again.  Airline bookings have rebounded like crazy, with folks eager to travel after more than a year of staying home.

And now there are more ways than ever to get to and...