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Celebrate the holidays with an Isle of Palms vacation! Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July with a summer getaway or in town during the winter Holiday Festival of Lights or Parade of Boats, you're sure to be able to find the perfect way to enjoy a holiday celebration! Spend the last weekend of summer celebrating with a Labor Day stay or ring in the New Year with a visit to the beach. Isle of Palms is a perfect destination to celebrate any holiday!

holiday market

The roofs of SUVs are topped by netting-wrapped pine trees, twinkly lights are up and sparkling, shops are bustlingThere’s


Charleston is known for its fantastic climate… warm, balmy temps in the summer. Spring is fabulous, and fall is, too - warm, but without as much humidity. So when word gets out that there’s snow falling in Charleston, it’s BIG NEWS. Seeing the white stuff is pretty darn exciting for us locals, and it sure is a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit.

There are so many great options for taking in the holiday lights around the Isle of Palms and Charleston. Some are professional installations - world-class ones, even - that draw locals and tourists alike, some from many states away. I’ll share a couple of the absolute best in the Lowcountry.

Get ready for a festive, bright, and magical time when packing for your vacation to Isle of Palms, SC this Holiday season!

A beach in Isle of Palms

As we wish each other a Happy New Year, this is the perfect time to consider the value of each and every moment we are given. Consider celebrating the new year with an Isle of Palms vacation!

A bakery in Isle of Palms

Make the holidays easy by picking up delicious treats from a local bakery in Isle of Palms. Order a dozen of Christmas cookies with flavors like chocolate chip, gingerbread chews, or sugar cookies or opt for a pecan pie or cheesecake! With all of these sweet treats a phone call away, the holiday season will be a breeze!