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5 Feb 2021
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It’s a new year, and perhaps never before have more people been ready for a fresh start. Whether it was Dry January or one of the gazillion detoxes popping up on social media feeds, everyone seems ready and eager for a reset.

There’s something refreshing and healing about it, especially after a year as “challenging” as 2020. (May we never have another one like it.)

Well, Exclusive Properties is fully onboard with this trend, an idea whose time has come. First off, we are pleased to unveil our redesigned logo. It’s new and improved, with a sleek design and enhanced colors. The simple silhouette of the palm frond against the deep blue background brings to mind the views you’ll get off the decks of your luxury vacation homes - palmettos waving in the ocean breezes coming off of the Atlantic.

But the refresh doesn’t stop there.

Welcome to The Reboot 

Exclusive Properties has also completely refreshed and renewed our website.

Overall, you’ll notice a cleaner, stronger design, plus a much more easily navigated site. It’s more intuitive than ever, so you can find the information you need quickly.

Never in history has this been more true - so much is happening and getting done online. Work, school, you name it. Online shopping is booming like never before. Our new website is the perfect way to do your online shopping - for the perfect vacation rental at the beach near Charleston. Look at it this way: it’s a fun kind of adult homework!

Exclusive Properties’ portfolio of Isle of Palms vacation homes has grown steadily over the years. When the company first started over a decade ago, it had only a couple properties. The intervening years have brought the company incredible growth. Now, EP has 32 gorgeous homes available to choose from, for your luxury stay. They include the largest and most beautiful luxury vacation homes on the Isle of Palms. They range from four to eleven bedrooms and can hold up to 28 guests, not including children under two. They’re the perfect place for your loved ones, friends and family to gather in a safe environment.

With that many large homes, there is a whole lot of information to share. Our website is the ideal way for you to shop for the perfect vacation home that fits your needs. After all, it’s a big decision, and we know you need as much detail as possible to help make an informed choice.

Tools to Help you Choose

To aid in that decision, we’ve included floor plans and bed configurations for every home. Will you have a lot of kids who will want to sleep in a room together and enjoy bunk beds? Will your mom be able to have an oceanfront view from her bedroom? You can figure all this out using our website. 

A picture is worth a thousand words - and we’ve got a lot of them. Our website is very photo rich. You can really get a sense of the look of the house, the flow, the décor, the views, the environs. These factors all play a part in how much you enjoy your stay, so why not pick the combination that’s perfect for you.

We’ve even included drone videos so you can see the view from above. They really give a great sense of how the house is situated, especially in relation to the beach and ocean.

Some other highlights of our website include recommendations of what to bring on your vacation, what to do while you’re here, special concierge services, our special COVID-19 cleaning procedures, and even a live beach cam to see what the weather and surf are like here, in real time.

So check it out. And do some of that fun adult homework, in anticipation of a great stay on the Isle of Palms.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger