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22 Feb 2021
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Well, it looks like the secret is out. The Isle of Palms has been officially ranked as one of the top ten most luxurious places to spend your vacation in the United States.

Here at Exclusive Properties, we’ve known this fact for years. But this official declaration comes according to the folks at Hometogo. They recently crunched some of their travel numbers and came up with top summer vacation trends for 2021, as I covered in our last blog

Hometogo also ranked the top luxury vacation destinations in America from #1 to #10.  They calculated their ranking based on the median nightly rate between May 1, 2021 and September 6, 2021 for vacation rentals across the country. They looked at more than 2,000 of the most searched vacation destinations to come up with their top ten list.

Here are the top ten most luxurious destinations in the U.S. according to Hometogo’s rankings, along with the median nightly rate for each one:

1)   The Hamptons, New York ($1,066.80)

2)    Nantucket, Massachusetts ($1,038.00)

3)    Montauk, New York ($957.60)

4)    Seaside, Florida ($780.00)

5)    Avalon, New Jersey ($726.00)

6)    Corolla/Outer Banks, North Carolina ($657.60)

7)    Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts ($652.80)

8)    Isle of Palms, South Carolina ($638.40)

9)    Beach Haven, New Jersey ($614.40)

10)  Chatham, Massachusetts ($574.80) 

So according to them, the Isle of Palms is ranked #8 in the country.  However, we beg to differ on the order of the rankings.  

After all, the South Carolina Lowcountry and Charleston are no strangers to top ten lists.  It wasn’t that long ago that the well-heeled traveling readers of Conde Nast as well as Travel + Leisure magazines named Charleston the top city in the entire world.  It’s constantly landing on “best of” lists, due to its many charms.    

So  -  in the spirit of David Letterman, here’s our list of the…

Top Ten Reasons the Isle of Palms is the Best Luxury Vacation Destination in the Country:


1)  It’s in the South! Unlike seven of those other cities on the previous list, the Isle of Palms is located in what is the most genteel region of the country.  Life moves at a slower pace. Things are more relaxed. It’s the perfect place for a vacation.

2)  Our people are nice. Not to brag or anything, but Southerners in general and Charlestonians in particular have been named the most polite in all the land. Charleston has landed atop the politeness list so many times (over twenty I think?) that we stopped counting!

3)  The weather is great. Again, seven of those other cities on the previous list are not in the South. Not only are they not in the South, but they are in the Northeast. At last check of the weather, they were getting ice, snow or some nasty combination thereof. We might get some rain and wind now and then, but we have citrus trees like grapefruit and lemons growing in our yard. 

4)  Prices are reasonable. You won’t get the same sticker shock that “greets” you in popular destinations in the Northeast. You can have a luxurious vacation on the Isle of Palms with rates that are practically half of what you would pay in the Hamptons or Cape Cod.

5)  The restaurants are world-class. Lowcountry chefs have made names for themselves on a national and global scale, with plenty of James Beard winners. The annual Wine + Food Festival has only upped the ante. There is such an abundance of great places to eat, that the problem often becomes deciding which one to try. 

6)  There’s much less traffic. It’s nothing like the big city around these parts. Locals rarely use their car horns, and they are happy to let you out in front of them in traffic.  (Refer to #2 above.)  

7)  You have more elbow room. We still have space down here, so you don’t always feel like you are in someone’s way. You can stretch out and relax by your own private pool. 

8)  You are an easy drive to one of the best cities on the planet. As I mentioned up above, Charleston has been named one of the very best destinations on Earth. It’s a pleasant drive from the Isle of Palms, just 20 minutes or so.  Plus you get to drive over a couple lovely bridges and get some gorgeous views along the way.

9)  Culture, history, art, architecture. It’s all here. Charleston is like a living museum. Take a walk around downtown or ride a horse drawn carriage for a step back in time. The arts are alive, highlighted by the world class Spoleto Festival (as well as its sister Piccolo Festival) which happen in late spring.

10)  You’re surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The Lowcountry is just gorgeous. There’s water everywhere.  After all, this is where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean, as the locals like to say. Add to that marshes galore, lakes and creeks, grand live oak trees, abundant wildlife, and scenic vistas everywhere you look. It’s a paradise on earth.

So come visit what we think is the top luxury destination in all the land. Feel free to browse our vacation properties including available Isle of Palms oceanfront rentalsluxury homespet-friendly accommodations, and more!

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger