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Wedding at Isle of Palms

Enjoy Your Destination Isle of Palms Wedding

Your wedding day is an extremely special day, and hopefully only occurs once in your lifetime. When you are planning this special day, one approach is to plan a destination wedding. These are very popular and allow your family to not only enjoy your special day, but also have an amazing vacation along with it. With many wedding guests needing to travel to attend anyway, destination weddings are more affordable than ever. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, we recommend an Isle of Palms wedding. As long you are keep your guest list under 40 people, then you can have it on the porch or in the lawn or on the beach behind one of our event homes. There is a $1,000 event fee that would be added to the rental and other rules and ordinances will apply. Call our office for more details. 


There are plenty of Isle of Palms wedding venues where you could host your dream wedding, but the most popular are the many beaches that circle the island. Isle of Palms has a great beach feel throughout the island and will give you amazing backdrops for your wedding photos. Since Isle of Palms is a great wedding destination, there are a multitude of vendors, venues, and cities that are extremely knowledgeable about putting on the perfect Isle of Palms wedding on the beach.

Along with the beach being your ceremony, there are many locations right off the beach that will be able to host your reception. Much like the variety of beaches, there are a multitude of different Isle of Palms wedding venues that you can choose from. The perfect venue will exist and is customizable given your wedding’s theme. Some of the more interesting Isle of Palms wedding themes include an aquarium, historic homes, and even rustic warehouses. Looking for specifics? Here are a few of our favorite wedding venues:

Exchange Club on Isle of Palms

Built-In Honeymoon

Another great aspect of hosting a destination Isle of Palms wedding is the proximity to your honeymoon. Since the wedding is already being hosted in a beautiful and tropical place, many choose to stay in Isle of Palms for their honeymoon as well. The Isle is a host to a number of different attractionsromantic restaurants, and resorts that will provide the perfect escape to enjoy each other after the wedding.

If you are looking to enjoy your honeymoon in Isle of Palms, we recommend utilizing one of our vacation rentals for your lodging choice while you are here. We do NOT allow our homes to be used for the event itself, but you can house your guests or just have a private place to stay when the festivities are over! After all, these vacation rentals provide an elevated level of privacy that no resort or hotel can offer. You can enjoy a beachfront home that will allow both of you to relax and just enjoy the fact you are married. Our homes are fully furnished and come with a full kitchen, so you can even have a romantic dinner at home and truly enjoy each other’s company after your wedding.