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Southern Living Says Charleston is #1 (Again)

Southern Living knows the South.  They’ve been around for almost 60 years, and over those decades they’ve become experts on what makes the South so special.

And it comes as no surprise that they just looooooove...

The Gaillard in Charleston

It’s appropriate that the Charleston Gaillard Center has the word “center” in its name. In many ways, The Gaillard is at the very center of the city’s cultural scene.The Gaillard is both historical and high-tech, blending perfectly into the landscape of Charleston. Its acoustics are...

Hollywood loves the Lowcountry. Whether it’s feature films, scripted dramas for television, Netflix series, HBO original programming, or reality shows, there’s a whole lot of filming going on around here. Keep an eye peeled, because another major motion picture is being filmed on the Isle of Palms right now.

Tripadvisor recently published the winners of their "Best Of" lists for 2022, and several Charleston restaurants showed up on the Fine Dining list, as well as the Everyday Eats list. Charleston is a city that celebrates food, and loves to eat. So if you're a foodie and are planning a visit to the Isle of Palms, make sure you check out the restaurants below, and plan some time in Charleston!