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28 Mar 2023
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What’s better than “A Room with a View”? (to quote the title of a classic Merchant Ivory film). Why, a whole house with a view, of course!

And make that a view of the ocean - and well, that’s just about “As Good as it Gets.”

Okay, enough with the movie title references. But it is true - ocean view vacation rentals are a perfect choice for a getaway that’s pretty much guaranteed to soothe the soul and refresh the senses.

Here at Exclusive Properties, we’ve been in the Isle of Palms beach house rental business for many years now, and have some helpful wisdom to impart. Let’s break down the whys and the wherefores, plus some tips and tricks to maximize your precious vacation time and dollars.

What are ocean view vacation rentals, and why stay in them?

Basically, it’s a place you rent at the beach, where you can take in vistas of the ocean. That way, even when you are indoors, you still have the beach vacation sensation. They can range from a small room, studio or condo all the way to large luxury mansions that hold a few dozen of your closest family and friends. They may be right on the beach - oceanfront - or nearby but still with significant views of the water.

The benefits of staying in one are many. First, of course, is the view. Studies have shown that watching the ocean has emotional, psychological and even physical benefits. The peaceful colors, rhythmic movement of the water, and gently shifting vistas all bring healing you may not even realize you needed, until you are here.

Then there’s privacy. Here at Exclusive Properties, we only have freestanding homes, many of them luxury Isle of Palms oceanfront rentals. There’s no need to share a lobby or hallway with others. You’ll have the whole property to yourself, just you and your guests.

You’ll also have the freedom to pick the amenities that you want - a private pool, with or without a Jacuzzi. Maybe a sundeck for working on your tan, or a gourmet kitchen. Or an elevator, if there are people in your group with mobility issues.

How to pick a good one

Here in the United States, you have abundant options for ocean view vacation rentals, up and down the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Why not pick the city Conde Nast called the #1 place to visit in the world - Charleston. And if you’re looking for views of the Atlantic and a beach experience nearby, the barrier islands are where it’s at - namely, Isle of Palms.

As tempting as it might be to score a deal from an individual somewhere who posts on a listing site, it pays to choose a reputable company. Local is best.

Next, figure out your parameters - budget, the size of your group, the number (and configuration) of bedrooms needed, plus the amenities you’d like. Armed with this data, either call the company or head to their website and search their inventory.

Here at Exclusive Properties, we have a portfolio of 33 beautiful Isle of Palms vacation rentals, each with a unique name. They range in size from four to eleven bedrooms. Thirteen are oceanfront, ten are across the street with lovely ocean views like Paradise Palms, and the rest are inland but most have water views.

For a glimpse of Isle of Palms oceanfront vacation rentals at their best, check out Port of Call’s deck… or Serenity’s master bedroom… or the infinity pool at Belle Mer.

Booking dos and don’ts

DO book early.

It’s hard to emphasize this enough. By making plans ahead of time, you’ll have the very best selection of properties that fit your needs. Especially if you are interested in peak season - which, here on the Isle of Palms, is basically from Memorial Day to Labor Day - you should call as soon as you possibly can. Many folks book with us a year or more in advance, especially happy clients who want to return to their favorite home next year.

DO read reviews.

Take it from those who have “been there, done that” in the very homes you are considering renting. People tend to be quite honest and impartial when writing reviews. They also have a way of pointing out features you might not be aware of, as well as offering handy suggestions and tips to make your vacation even better. It’s a great way to hit the ground running. This is true in so many areas of life; I’m constantly amazed how much extra information I pick up reading Amazon reviews for a product I’ve purchased.

DO consider booking in the offseason.

This is a great way to stretch those vacation dollars. Rates in the non-peak season can be significantly lower than peak summertime months. You also have the benefit of fewer crowds, both on the beach and in town. Here on the Isle of Palms, the beach is enjoyable all throughout the year. In fact, many folks prefer the peace and quiet that the cooler months provide.

DON’T hesitate to communicate with the property owner, company or manager with any questions.

Feel free to reach out to them ahead of time, while you are choosing a vacation rental, as well as during your stay. They do know the property best, and they’re there to help you have a pleasant experience.

Pre-trip tips

Planning ahead of time can maximize your vacation time once you arrive.

Check with the company to find out what is provided in your ocean view vacation rental.

Some things to consider include linens, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and the like. For example, Exclusive Properties spells all this out on our website for incoming guests.

Consider any extras you may want for your trip to the beach.

Many can be rented ahead of time, so they’re there waiting for you when you arrive. Popular options here on the IOP include beach chairs and umbrellas, bicycles, LSV golf carts, paddleboarding and water sports equipment, beach games like bocce, corn hole, Spikeball, Ladder Ball and Giant Jenga, jogging strollers and baby gear, cargo wagons, ping pong tables, and more.

Don’t forget the food!

You can arrange for your home to be stocked with groceries before you arrive. You can even plan for special catering or a private chef to cook and serve your guests in your vacation home.

Then, once you arrive, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ocean view!

A shore thing

If you’re the family’s trip planner, choose an ocean view vacation rental and watch the whole thing fall into place. It really does provide the perfect home base.

All best, Lowcountry Lisa

your Isle of Palms vacation blogger