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25 Aug 2020
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Good news  -  the Co-Op, the beloved hot spot on Sullivan’s Island, will soon be opening a new location on the Isle of Palms! The Co-Op on Sullivan’s has fast become a huge hit and island staple in its eight years of existence.  There are several reasons for this fact.  They truly care about their community and have created a neighborhood gathering place.  Their motto is simple… “we want the meaning of ‘local’ to be closely intertwined with both the comfort of recognition as well as the quality of freshness.” In other words, they are “redefining local.”  

What is the Co-Op?

  It’s a market/specialty grocery store.  A deli.  A café serving espresso drinks.  $1 coffee.  Breakfast served all day.  Gourmet sandwiches and salads.  Some menu highlights  -  Caprese Panini (tomato, mozzarella, house arugula pesto, balsamic on sourdough), Breakfast Burrito (bacon, eggs, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, hummus & hot sauce served in a flour tortilla), Avocado Toast on sunflower multigrain, and Greek Salad. And one of the top reasons for their popularity very well might be their wildly popular cold beverage option  -  their world famous Frosé. And not just one kind of Frosé, but many.  20 different flavors, to be exact.  That’s a whole lotta frozen summer goodness.  Some recent options  -  Sweet Tea Frosé.  Vanilla Cherry Cola Frosé. Pina Colada Frosé.  Check each day for the available flavors. Their Sullivan’s Island location, at 2019 Middle Street, is going through a bit of a transition.  Despite numerous attempts, they were unable to resign a lease with their landlord.  So instead, they will be building a whole new location  -  right next door to the original one.  It will be twice the size, coming in around 2,400 square feet, and will open right as the old one closes.  

Frosé comes to the IOP

  But back to the main point  -  they are opening a new location on the Isle of Palms, right between the Long Island Café and The Refuge in the Harris-Teeter shopping center.  It’s the storefront where the Chills 360 ice cream shop used to be, at 1515 Palm Boulevard. It will be called  -  “The Co-Op on Palm Frosé & Eatery.” Their game plan is to open their new Isle of Palms location by September 1st.  That way, they’ll get in on a bit of the peak summer season. Here’s what they’ll be offering…  $1 coffee, outdoor seating, burger night, snow cones, Frosé, and “gourmet fast so you can get to the beach, work, yoga, or back home to unpause Southern Charm as quickly as possible.” They’ll be offering delivery to the Isle of Palms, including Wild Dunes, every day and all day, including breakfast. Their Frosé is such a big thing, that the owner recently purchased a shocking pink Jeep.  This is what he wrote about it online… “The Co-Op now has a pink Jeep,  Not sure what else to say.  It will tow the Frosé trailer and make deliveries on IOP.  I brought it home and my wife said it can’t stay at the house as the neighbors already hate me.  So you will see it parked randomly around the islands until it is towed away.  I picked it up from the shop and the guy working asked if it was for my wife or daughter.  I said it was for me.  We then sat in silence until the car was ready.” Here’s more from Count on 2 News.  Also, as you can tell, the Co-Op has quite the rep on social media.  Check out their official website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. So check out the Co-Op on Palm, when it opens next week.  And when you’re in the market for Isle of Palms vacation rentals, be sure to call EP. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger