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Plan your outdoor activities during your stay in Isle of Palms! Spend the day sunbathing on a beach, getting out and enjoying water sports, or taking a walking tour of historic areas. Or, stroll along Charleston's battery, rent a golf cart, and have a picnic in one of the gorgeous parks. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors when you book an Isle of Palms vacation rental!

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Much like how the Isle of Palms has a wealth of marine life to see, the island is also renowned for its extensive wildlife—particularly its birding grounds. Read on to find out more about birding on the Isle of Palms!

pineapple fountain charleston sc

Located within Charleston's famous Waterfront Park, the Pineapple Fountain is the iconic focal point of the park where visitors and locals alike...

port city moped

The best way to explore Charleston is by moped, and Port City Moped can make sure you have a great experience.