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Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most historic and beautiful places in the entire United States. Amazing architecture, stories, and energy from the community makes it one fun place to explore. And the very best way to explore all of this is provided at Port City Moped, the top moped dealer on the island. Whether you are looking to rent a moped or you are looking to buy one of your own, you can be sure that you will find the best service on the whole island.

The Very Best in Moped Rentals

Whether you are a long time local or it is your first time on the island, you will see the island in a whole new light when you explore the streets on one of these amazing mopeds. Port City Moped prides themselves on providing the best and most diverse scooters for rent. You can find top brands like Honda, Wolf Brand, Genuine, and more. These rentals are great because you can tailor your experience. Do you just want to spend an afternoon exploring the island? Maybe the two-hour or four-hour rental is perfect for you. Perhaps you want to have access to a moped throughout your vacation here? No problem! You can rent these scooters for up to four days. And these rentals are the most cost effective in town, as a two-hour rental only costs $35, with increasing prices up to $225 for an entire week (seven days). As if these options were not exciting enough, Port City Moped offers more! One of the most popular rentals these days are the scooter coupes. These vehicles look like they are straight out of the future, with one wheel in the rear and two in the front. The rates for these rentals start at $60 for two hours and proceed from there. And soon, they will even be offering golf cart rentals. All you need is a driver’s license, and don’t worry about training, as a short training session is complementary with each and every rental. If you are looking to buy your own scooter, you can find so many more options, including essentially all of the top brands that you will find at any scooter dealership. While the selection and prices are great, it is the helpfulness of every person that works at Port City Moped that makes them such a pleasure to work with. Call today at (843) 242-8739 or email at to find out about rates and how they can make your time in Charleston that much better!