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Featured by The History Channel, National Geographic Traveler, and Southern Living, the tours by Tour Charleston have received much acclaim. Whether you want to be spooked by venturing through a graveyard in the dark or are interested in delving deeper into Charleston’s complex history, Tour Charleston has knowledgeable guides that will bring the streets and stories of Charleston alive. With several tours established around Charleston-based literature, avid readers will enjoy the combination of experiencing Charleston through both the written and spoken word.  

Tour Options

With three tour options on offer, Tour Charleston has something to engage every local and visitor. Choose from the Ghost Tour, History Tour, or Lost Stories of Black Charleston Tour. On the 90-minute Ghost Tour, a guide will recount haunting, supernatural events from the book, The Ghosts of Charleston. Venturing through the Unitarian Church Graveyard, built in 1772, with nothing but the moon above, some participants have experienced a supernatural presence. This tour is for the brave and adventurous! There are two History Tours on offer, based on Diana Gessler’s book, Very Charleston, and Robert Rosen’s book, A Short History of Charleston. In the Very Charleston tour, experience Charleston’s unique architecture, cuisine, and people while exploring its cobblestone streets, veiled alleyways, and majestic homes. The Short History Tour focuses on a comparison between Old Charleston and the Charleston of today, as well as the city’s place in world events. Hear untold tales of heroes and heroines told by Damon Fordham, acclaimed writer, historian, educator, and licensed tour guide. In the Lost Stories of Black Charleston Tour, you will hear stories and folktales that aren’t told in history books. Gain a better understanding of the resistance and resilience that was revealed in Charleston.  

Planning Your Excursion

Toru Charleston is located in downtown Charleston at 2A Cumberland Street. To purchase tickets, call (843) 723-1670. For questions about the tour options, email Tour Charleston at  

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