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Charleston is no stranger to making top 10 lists of all kinds - best places to visit in the world, best new restaurant in the country, most friendly/attractive people in the U.S., yada yada. Well, USA Today has recently come up with lists that pertain to individual cities -- in other words, what’s the best to take in and do in each one, as written by a local (in Charleston’s case, Clare Sweeney).

They actually have a staggering number of different 10 Best Lists for Charleston alone. I’ve never seen so many in one place, and they are surprisingly helpful.

Thankfully “Cyber Week” is coming to a close, and hopefully those incessant Black Friday references will take a break till late next year.

But this is the time of the year when shopping tends to be...

It’s now upon us, the week when loved ones gather to offer thanks, and food often takes center stage.

In America we have this tendency to overdo things... witness: the food at state fairs. Hot Beef...


There are many things that draw people to the Charleston area…the culture, the natural beauty, the history… and all these come together beautifully at area plantations.

One of the best known and most beloved is...