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24 Apr 2020
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Recently a former U.S. Surgeon General put together a list of simple ideas to survive lockdown. It’s a great list.  In fact, the advice is so good, you could not only survive, but actually thrive during this unprecedented time in our history. Dr. Richard Carmona was U.S. Surgeon General under President George W. Bush.  He was appointed to the position of America’s top doc in 2002. Today, Dr. Carmona serves as Chief of Health Innovation at Canyon Ranch.  Canyon Ranch runs wellness resorts in Arizona, California, Nevada and Massachusetts, as well as on Celebrity and Cunard Cruise Lines. He emphasizes as an overall goal, “Aligning the mind, body, and spirit,” understanding the importance of physical, mental AND spiritual health.  

8 Simple Ideas to Survive Lockdown

  Dr. Carmona has pinpointed eight things in particular that will help you have a successful experience during quarantine.  Even though many things seem out of control these days  -  which they are  -  there are concrete steps we can take to make the most of this time. Basically, they include:

  • Set a regular routine. He has this to say: “For the average person, the challenge is – no matter how gregarious you are or wherever you work – now that you’re shut in… what we lose is that purpose in life, what gets us up every morning.  Fill the hours with purposeful activity, things that bring value to you and your family.”  Also, be sure to remember this bit of advice from the good doctor: “You want to stay active, both physically and mentally.”
  • Create an in-home gym. It doesn’t have to be a whole room.  In fact, a part of the back yard would work wonders, as it gives you a dose of nature and sunshine as well.
  • Go visit someone. Yes, you should practice social distancing, but there are creative ways to fulfill our need to be with others.  Think visiting through a glass door or window, as people have been doing with loved ones in assisted living situations.
  • Turn off the news. This is what he has to say: “Whatever your favorite news is, don’t watch too much.  Today’s news is more partisan and entertainment than it is real news.  Find a place that’s non-partisan.  Read and listen – then turn it off.”  Boy, is that good advice.
  • Cultivate the practice of meditation. Even as little as 15 minutes can make a world of difference to your stress levels and ability to think clearly.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep. This seems so basic, and yet is at the root of so many health issues.  Look at this quarantine lockdown time as a time to bank some precious zzzzzs.  Adequate rest is a big part of a healthy immune system.
  • Stretch and challenge your mind. Look at this as a fun time to try something new, or something you haven’t done in years.  His suggestions include learning a new language, playing cards, board games, or other interactive games either in person or online, taking an online course, or doing crosswords, puzzles or Sudoku.
  • Eat and drink in a healthy way. This is a golden time to focus on better eating habits, working on your kitchen skills and boosting your immunity.  Farm to table, no preservative-laden or processed foods, in moderate amounts are best.

Who knows  -  you could come out of this whole COVID thing healthier and happier than ever.   You can read the full story from Fodors here. So put into practice some of these great ideas on how to survive a lockdown.  And how to thrive in it.  And when you are ready to visit one of our beach rentals Charleston, just give EP a call. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger