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24 Jul 2020
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One of the top things visitors to the Lowcountry like to do is to try their hand at saltwater fishing. Charleston has no shortage of terrific spots for both freshwater and especially saltwater fishing.  After all, this is where the Cooper and the Ashley Rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean.  At least that’s what Charlestonians like to say. Saltwater fishing in the ocean is an especially fun family activity.  The kids will love it.  That being said, there is a bit of a learning curve. SCDNR to the rescue! They are sponsoring a virtual saltwater fishing clinic perfect for the whole family.  The clinic will teach all the basics  -  how to tie fishing knots, how to rig a rod and reel, casting and last but not least, how to fish. The clinic will take place on Wednesday, July 29th from 5:00 p.m. till 6:30 p.m.  A member of the family or group must RSVP in advance and sign up through Eventbrite.   If you need them, organizers will provide tackle and materials, which must be picked up and dropped off in Charleston.  

SCDNR Saltwater Fishing Clinic Materials:

  • Fishing Line -  Leaders recommend thicker line (e.g. 20 lb. test monofilament), or either braided or fluorocarbon fishing line.
  • Nail Clippers -  An east, inexpensive, handy tool to cut off excess fishing line.  You can also use scissors or pliers.  SCDNR likes to remind people to always properly discard fishing line, as it can be a health hazard to sea life.
  • Fishing Hook -  For beginners, they recommend an in-line non-stainless steel circle hook, size 1/0.  It’s a good idea to always keep in mind the type of fish you’re after, and the size of its mouth.
  • Splitshot -  For beginner anglers, size No.5 splitshot is a good fishing weight.  You can also try bell, pyramid, bullet, bank and egg weights.  A ½ to 1 ounce egg sinker is handy for fishing near the bottom.
  • Popping Cork -  These click and move to resemble fleeing bait and are used to attract the fish’s attention.
  • Plastic Bead -  Beads of plastic, glass or brass help draw attention to your fishing line in an effort to get the fish to bite.
  • Swivel -  These are attached between the reel and the leader, and they help to prevent tangling by untwisting the line when you are retrieving it.
  • Casting Plug -  Use this to practice your casting, as it adds weight to the line.  Other options include a bullet weight, eye screw or wooden dowel.
  • Practice Hook -  These are helpful to use while learning the basics.  You can cut the point off a regular hook and use that, a piece of bent wire, a paracord or even a shoelace.
  • Spinning Rod & Reel -  These are fun to use and cast at a good distance, with the line spooling off at a fast rate.  You can also use them with lighter weight lures.

If you’re interested in this saltwater fishing clinic, better act fast.  At last check, spots were going quickly.  If you miss out on this one, check the SCDNR Aquatic Education page for more opportunities.  

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