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27 Nov 2018
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Thanksgiving week and the days after are full... of holiday happenings, festive food, likely some travel, shopping and family time. Today, it’s all about giving.  But first, let's look back on the last couple days.

Thursday: Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

  The days after Thanksgiving have come to have certain monikers.  Of course Thursday – Thanksgiving  -  is all about gratitude and coming together with family and friends if possible.  Of course one of our luxury beach house rentals SC is an ideal place to do that.

Friday: in the Black

  Friday, aka the day after Thanksgiving, has been known as “Black Friday” for several decades now.  It was seen as the official start of the Christmas shopping season.  The name came from the idea that merchants counted on this time to have their sales numbers enter the black, although the stress of it soon suggested other dark connotations.  It became notorious for having super-early doorbusters that led to people greedily charging each other in Walmarts, etc. for cheap consumer goods -  not exactly the Christmas spirit. With the onset of online shopping, Black Friday has become much less of a big deal.  Most people would prefer just staying in their pajamas and ordering online, skipping the traffic, crowds and hassle.  Not only that, but it gets shipped straight to your house.  After all, it’s no fun schlepping a surplus of purchases home, especially if you've done it while on vacation.

Saturday’s all about small business

  In more recent years, the following day  -  the Saturday after Thanksgiving  -  has become known as “Small Business Saturday.”  It’s an effort to encourage people to shop unique local merchants as opposed to giant national or global chains  -  thus keeping the economic impact in the community.  This is similar to the local movement in the food /restaurant realm.  Eating local is not only more interesting and unique, it’s also better for the environment. After all, if you’re coming to visit, you might as well experience something that is unique to Charleston and the Lowcountry.  There are slews of local businesses around here, and checking out the Charleston Farmers Market is a great place to pick up a great souvenir of your stay here. Here’s an interesting fact  -  90% of the businesses in the state of South Carolina are local.   They are a HUGE part of what gives the area its particular personality and charm.  So when you’re here, be sure to shop, eat or stay local whenever possible.

Monday is all about the internet

  So yesterday  -  the Monday after Thanksgiving -  is known as “Cyber Monday,” since most people have returned to work and start shopping on their computers in earnest.  Sure enough, the emails rushed into my inbox touting all kinds of online sales and special deals.  In fact, most now trumpet “Cyber Week,” so no doubt they’ll be streaming in all week long.

And now, today, is Giving Tuesday

  So finally, that brings us to today – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  This is perhaps the most recent of all the monikers.  Nonprofits and people doing good have embraced it, as a chance to help people give back. This is how the good folks at the Lowcountry Food Bank put it:  Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement and the opening day of the giving season. Millions of people come together to support and champion causes they believe in and the communities in which they live. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well known for getting great “deals."  Make Giving Tuesday a day for giving back! Greg Laurie had this to say:  I’m thinking today is going to be a good day. Why? Because it’s #GivingTuesday, and people all over the country and around the world will be giving toward charitable causes and organizations that they believe in.  And any day that we are thinking more of others than of ourselves is a good day, right? I’ve also had a slew of worthy causes emailing requests this morning for help.  #GivingTuesday is the hashtag of the day.

Great options for Giving 

  If you’d like to help needy local families have a holiday meal this season, the Lowcountry Food Bank can bring that about, with your donation. The wonderful people of World Vision will also match donations with one of 31 great gifts.  They include chickens, goats, medicines, a goat and two chickens  –  simple gifts that can transform a needy person’s life. Here’s a good tip.  If you donate via PayPal, they’ll match donations dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $500,000.  After that amount, they’ll add 1% to all remaining donations. No deductions, no fees.  Charities include Unicef, Save the Children, charity: water, and Feeding America. Some other ideas:  The Petco Foundation, which has helped 5.5 million homeless pets find loving homes.  You can support it by giving online, or by purchasing certain items like calendars and photos with Santa in stores. Birdlife is a huge, beautiful part of the Lowcountry.  If you give today to Audubon soon, your gift will be matched by an anonymous donor. So think about giving to a worthy cause today, or any day.  And be sure to call us at Exclusive Properties when you need a beach getaway. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger