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22 Nov 2019
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It’s that time of year, when family and/or friends are coming for a big dinner.  We could all use some Thanksgiving tips from the experts.

Top Thanksgiving Tips recently put together a very comprehensive resource with all the top tips  -  37 of them, in fact  -   to help you survive and even thrive during Thanksgiving. Tips include:

They really have every question you can think of answered and explained, along with photos and videos to help.  Here’s a link to their slideshow of those and 33 other great Thanksgiving tips in one place.  

Thanksgiving Trends

  I subscribe to a blog called Well Done that shares all kinds of interesting news about food.  Recently they shared an article from MyRecipes based on Google trends.  Basically it ranked the most popular Thanksgiving side dish by each state, based on recent Google searches.  The results are rather illuminating. Here are a few highlights from the list:

  • “Stuffing” topped the list in nine states;
  • “Dressing” was first in nine other states, mostly in the South (including South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama);
  • Green bean casserole, sweet potato dishes, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese showed up in several states;
  • South Dakota and Iowa both searched most for salad;
  • In Tennessee, it was “cream corn;”
  • Texas: fruit salad;
  • Wyoming: crescent rolls.

As for the main dish  -  the turkey  -  preferences vary by region.  West of the Mississippi River, it’s smoked turkey.  In the Southeast, fried turkey reigns.  And in the Northeast and New England, the more traditional roast turkey is tops. Also worth noting  -  the idea of Friendsgiving is growing in popularity each year, according to these Google Trends.  I can totally relate, as we have two in the next two days. I always thought the term originated with the show Friends.  Turns out that’s not true. Here’s the real story behind the word “Friendsgiving.” You can read the whole article here.  Also, here is the link to all the Google Trends for Thanksgiving.   We at Exclusive Properties wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  And remember, one of our Isle of Palms luxury rentals is a perfect place for generations of family to gather for the holidays.  Just give us a call, and we’ll help make it a reality. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger