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23 Nov 2016
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Isle of Palms in South Carolina is one of our favorite places on Earth, and getting to spend time on the beach allows us take a step back, breathe deeply, and just relax. We live here, so this happens fairly regularly to us, and we feel sad for everyone who can’t take a lunch break at the beach and regain their perspective of the world. But if you are visiting the Isle of Palms, we suggest you spend as much time as possible at the beach and “stock up” on the good beachy vibrations.

Once you’re back in the real world, you can pull out your memories, close your eyes, and take your own daily beach break without ever having to leave your office. It’s not quite the same as being here, but it should hold you over until your next Isle of Palms beach trip!

What to Expect at the Beach

Isle of Palms is a barrier island with a long stretch of beach that has over 50 beach access paths. It is also a popular spot for destination weddings. After all, what better place to start out your life together than against the scenic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean? Trust us, the photographs will be breathtaking. Miles of sea oats framing the entrances to the beach, the smell of salt water in the air, the musical sound of the ocean as it ebbs and flows, crashing against the beach in waves of emerald green—life doesn’t get any better than this, and when you vacation on Isle of Palms, this will be your world for as long as you stay here!

Beach Activities

For the active visitors, there is no end to the list of beach activities guaranteed to keep you busy—and exhausted—at the end of each day. The waves aren’t the biggest, but this is an ideal place to learn to surf, or for swimming, fishing, even stand-up paddleboarding; we get tired just thinking about all the fun activities!
If none of this sounds fun, you can always revert back to our old stand-by: sitting under a colorful umbrella and reading a good book as you soak in the ambience of an Isle of Palms beach day. No worries, no hurrying to get from point A to point B, just you, your book, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Exclusive Properties

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than arriving back at your luxury Exclusive Properties vacation rental, slightly sunburned, salty and tired, with beach hair sticking out at all angles, and standing under that refreshing shower, knowing you will have a nice meal, a deep sleep, and get to do it all over again tomorrow. Book yours today and discover just how much better life is when spent at the beach!