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4 Feb 2020
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Happy #BookDirect Day! Wednesday, February 5th is the third annual #BookDirect Day  -  which means it’s prime time to save on vacation rentals. #BookDirect Guest Education Day began in 2018, on the first Wednesday in February, as a way to help simplify the process of renting a vacation home. Basically the idea is to connect people who want to rent a vacation home, directly with the property management company or homeowner.  That way you can avoid third-party services like VRBO, Homeaway, TripAdvisor or AirBnB which charge substantial guest/traveler service fees. It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense.  Why use a middleman if you don’t have to? There are several advantages to booking direct.  

Why #BookDirect?


  • First, third-party vacation rental websites charge substantial fees to use them. Charges get passed on to the consumer and drive up the price of the rentals.  Fees are often hidden and may drive up the price by hundreds of dollars or more, depending on the stay.
  • Not all properties are listed on the sites, so you might be missing out on the perfect one for you.
  • When you are in touch with a management company/owner directly, they know the property better than anyone. They can work with you to find the ideal match for your needs, not to mention tailor your stay for the best possible getaway.  You are also in touch with a live, “boots on the ground” person, who can help before, during and after your stay.
  • You have access to special discounts and deals on the local level, not advertised on impersonal third-party websites.
  • Managers and owners have flexibility in working with you on dates, budget, and any special needs you or someone in your party might have.

  In a nutshell  -  booking direct is better for owners, managers and guests.  It’s a win-win-win situation. Read more about #Book Direct at VRM intel.  

Exclusive Properties is here to help

  Steve Milo is the founder and CEO of Vtrips.  He had this to say: “Vrbo and Airbnb will soon realize they do not have the power in the vacation rental space they think they do. Given the dynamics of far more demand than supply, the power in this relationship is with owners and property managers with exclusive inventory.” Speaking of exclusive… Exclusive Properties has an extensive portfolio of the very best in Isle of Palms luxury rentals. We are here to provide you with all of the above benefits  -  to help place you in the perfect Charleston beach house, work with you on dates, and help you secure the best deal possible.  We’ll also do all we can to ensure your vacation here on the Isle of Palms is a terrific one. Third-party travels sites fall short on all those accounts. So give us a call at Exclusive Properties, and #BookDirect today! All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger