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19 Dec 2018
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Just in time for the holidays, there is some happy news coming down the pike: low gas prices in the Lowcountry. Gas prices around Charleston, and across the nation in general, have been on a roller coaster in recent years.  Up, down, down, then up again. It’s hard to track, keep up or really make much sense of it. So when they do happen to come down, it’s a pleasant treat. As a general rule of thumb, South Carolina tends to have some of the lowest  -  and often the lowest – gas prices in the country.  Yet another reason to stay here!  Charleston has many draws, and proximity to cheap gas is a minor but nice little perk. Gas prices in the state of South Carolina are averaging around $2 per gallon.  That’s the lowest price all year, which saw it go up to 60 cents per gallon higher. In fact, this is the lowest price since August of LAST year. They are expecting prices to drop a couple more cents by Christmas Day.  Ho ho ho! The average in the whole nation sits at $2.37 per gallon, which is also the lowest national average in December since 2016. I was at Costco in Mount Pleasant the other day, and gas was selling for $1.97 a gallon.  The lady at the pump across from me exclaimed that she had been having an awful day, but no more!  Gas under $2 had turned her day around.  She sounded downright giddy.  

Holiday travel to the Isle of Palms eased by low gas prices

  It’s no surprise that these low gas prices are proving to be a boost for holiday travel. The official ten-day holiday travel period begins this Saturday and runs through New Year’s Day. AAA estimates there will be a record number of folks traveling during that time… 112.5 million Americans.  That’s a 4.4% increase over 2017 and is the highest since they’ve been keeping track. There were some fascinating facts about travel within the state of South Carolina.  AAA Carolinas predicts that about a third of people in the state will travel.  By far the majority will drive  -  1.35 million of them.  Around 90,000 will travel by air.  That's a lot of folks travelling to these parts. Here’s the full story from the Post and Courier.  

Quick reminder: Christmas shipping deadlines fast approaching

  You still have time to get those packages and cards to their destinations by Christmas. The USPS released their shipping deadline.  Here they are, for domestic mail:

  • USPS Retail Ground: Dec. 14 (ok, that has passed, but fret not, other options are still viable)
  • First Class Mail: Dec. 20
  • Priority Mail: Dec. 20
  • Priority Mail Express: Dec. 22

This current week, December 17th – 23rd, is going to be the busiest in terms of mailing, shipping and delivery. Here’s more on the story from Live 5 News. If you’re here on the Isle of Palms, we have a wonderful post office right on the island.  It is so much less crowded – and friendlier – than the one in Mount Pleasant.  Plus it’s super convenient to our Isle of Palms vacation rentals.  In fact, it’s just past Exclusive Properties’ office, on the same side of Palm Boulevard.  It’s the ideal place to mail postcards, Christmas cards or packages. So get behind the wheel and take advantage of low gas prices.  Just call EP and we’ll help you find the perfect place to stay, whatever the season. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger

Image credit: Transport Executive