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28 Jun 2019
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Today  -  June 28th   -  is officially known as Carolina Day, and it’s a pretty important occasion.  This is the 243rd year of its celebration. Carolina Day is a state holiday in South Carolina, commemorating an important moment in Revolutionary American history. In a nutshell, Carolina Day marks an early victory of the young upstart colonists as they defended Charleston Harbor from the mighty British Navy.

What makes it so important...

  This happened on June 28, 1776 -  just a week before the Declaration of Independence.  Considering the timing, many believe the bold early win gave the folks in Philadelphia the momentum and extra bit of encouragement to go through with it.  After all, Charleston and Philadelphia were both major trading cities at the time.  As a result, boats, supplies, people and information traveled regularly between the two colonial powerhouses. The battle centered around Fort Sullivan on Sullivan’s Island.  British forces  - nine Royal Navy warships and the British Army under Cornwallis -  were swarming off the coast, trying to take the fort and thus get a foothold in the Colonies.   But a small group of patriots from the Carolinas and Virginia turned them back, despite the fact that they were outnumbered ten to one. The 2nd South Carolina Regiment under command of Colonel William Moultrie dug in their heels at the fort and turned back the assault, which came at them from ocean, mainland and the Isle of Palms. This was the first time that American colonists decisively defeated the British in their fight for independence.  It kept Britain from gaining a stronghold in South Carolina for another four years. Here is a great recounting of the day by the South Carolina Historical Society.  

How to Celebrate Carolina Day

  Official commemorations of Carolina Day began all the way back in 1777.   So Carolina Day was one of America’s original holidays, even though many folks (visitors and locals alike) still don’t know all that much about it.  Leave it to Carolinians to make United States history even before we were officially a country! No wonder Carolina Day became a holiday.  Colonel Moultrie became the namesake for the fort on Sullivan’s Island, which is now well known as Fort Moultrie.  Later he went on to become general and a two-time governor of South Carolina.  Fort Moultrie is part of the National Park Service, recently designated as “Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park.”

Carolina Day at Fort Moultrie

  Tomorrow, Saturday, June 29th  -  is the official local celebration at Fort Moultrie, located at 1214 Middle Street on Sullivan’s Island.  It’s just over Breach Inlet from the Isle of Palms.   Admission will be free to Fort Moultrie, along with programs of events and activities from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. Saturday.  Events include reenactments by the 2nd South Carolina regiment, medical demonstrations, demos on weapons, musket drills, every day camp life and living conditions of the patriot soldiers.  Activities are kid friendly and appropriate for all ages.

10:00 am - Artillery Demonstration

11:00 am - Artillery Demonstration

1:00 pm - Infantry Demonstration & Children's Musket Drill (Wooden muskets available for kids)

2:00 pm - Artillery Demonstration

3:00 pm - Artillery Demonstration

Admission is free, as entrance fees to the park will be waived on Saturday.  Here’s more on the local Carolina Day events going on this weekend. So celebrate Carolina Day and its important role in our becoming a free, independent country.  And when you are looking for the best in rental homes South Carolina, be sure to call us at Exclusive Properties. All best, Lowcountry Lisa your Isle of Palms vacation blogger