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22 Oct 2019
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In good news for the Isle of Palms and the planet, Turtle Team volunteers have declared the 2019 loggerhead nesting season a splashing success.

The loggerhead nesting season is also officially over for the year.

A recent issue of the Island Eye News shared the news, along with an in depth report on the season.  It was written by Mary Pringle, longtime IOP resident and project leader for the Island Turtle Team for almost 20 years.

By the way, the Isle of Palms/Sullivan’s Island Turtle Team is one of almost 30 nest protection projects across the state, under the auspices of the SC Department of Natural Resources.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from the article  -

"The last nest produced hatchlings on September 26 at 30th Avenue on the Isle of Palms. The Island Turtle Team found and protected more nests this summer than any other since records have been kept… Vacation rental companies also pitched in by handing out our “Lights Out” brochures to their front beach visitors. This helped to keep the beach dark and safe for nesting females as well as hatchlings emerging from the sand.  Because of this it was not only the most prolific season for nesting, but also one of the most successful for getting these tiny turtles safely into the ocean where there is a chance they will survive. Even Hurricane Dorian did not destroy any nests because it passed us at low tide."

Special shout out and thanks to folks staying in our Isle of Palms vacation rentals, for participating in “Lights Out for Loggerheads.”  It really makes a difference!


Here are the stats for the 2019 Loggerhead Nesting Season


57 Nests – all hatched
55 False (non-nesting) Crawls on the Beach
18 Nests incubated in situ.  39 Nests Relocated
Incubation Time (Average) 54.7 Days
Clutch Count (Average) 119.1 Eggs
Hatch Success (Average) 87.8%
Emergence from the Sand (Average) 84.2%
Hatchlings Produced 5,788

15 Nests – all hatched
21 False (non-nesting) Crawls on the Beach
8 Nests incubated in situ. 7 Nests Relocated
Incubation Time (Average) 51.8 Days
Clutch Count (Average) 113 Eggs
Hatch Success (Average) 90.3%
Emergence from the Sand  (Average) 87.9%
Hatchlings Produced 1,286

8,800 Nests (not all have hatched)
12,617 False (non-nesting) Crawls
6,299 Nests incubated in situ. The Rest Relocated
Incubation Time (Average) 54.1 Days
Hatch Success (Average) 57.5%
Emergence from the Sand (Average) 54.9%
Hatchlings Produced So Far 478,882


These numbers are really encouraging.   Read the whole article in the Island Eye News.

And be sure to call us at EP when you’re searching for the best beach homes near Charleston.  You just may spot a loggerhead nest while you’re here!

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