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Outdoor Activities

Isle of Palms Biking

If you prefer to be active while on vacation and spend some time basking in the great outdoors, taking a bike ride is a great way to achieve this. This is especially true when visiting the stunning coastal region of South Carolina. The natural beauty of the surrounding area makes outdoor recreation even more enjoyable for travelers, with many of them taking to the various Isle of Palms bike trails and paths in the region. During your stay you’ll find many leisurely and challenging places to bike ride in the Isle of Palms with breathtaking scenery all around. You can feel your tension melt away as you pedal your way along paths surrounded by trees or as you cross the sand to the music of ocean waves slapping against the shores.

Biking on Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms biking is not just a fun outdoor activity, but a way of life. It’s one of the easiest ways to get from destination to destination on the island, and the large network of pathways will allow you to explore the community in a way you wouldn’t be able to from a car. Our coastal barrier island is only about five-plus square miles, so communities are built close together. Your Exclusive Properties vacation rental is within riding distance of everything on the island, no matter your bicycling skill level. Whether you prefer to pedal at a more relaxed pace or get in a vigorous ride, you’ll find just the right place to ride to suit your speed.

Isle of Palms Weather

Your Exclusive Properties Isle of Palm vacation home is located in an area that is famous for mild temperatures year-round, making it an ideal place for bike riding—for street riding, anyway; there aren’t any mountains on this island! Low temperatures rarely sink lower than 37 degrees during the coldest days of winter, and the highs almost never rise more than 89 degrees during the dog days of summer. With an average of over 200 days of sunshine each year, chances are your vacation will be filled with plenty of great weather opportunities for riding!

Isle of Palms Bike Trails and Paths

Isle of Palms is home to miles of bike riding opportunities. It’s possible to wind your way throughout the entire island either on paved roads or hard-packed sand beaches. Explore the island from atop a colorful beach cruiser, feeling the ocean breeze kiss your cheeks. Wild Dunes Resort is also full of designated Isle of Palms bike trails. One ride that’s particularly worth checking out is Isle of Palms to Sullivan’s Island. Approximately nine miles round trip, the route will take you on a beautiful journey alongside water and saltmarsh. If you’re feeling daring, saddle up and ride across the Ravenel Bridge over to Charleston. High winds can make it difficult, but the feeling of accomplishment you get from the long ride outweighs the struggles to get there. Once in Charleston, if you still have the energy, there are miles and miles of SC bike trails for riders of all skill levels. If you’re not sure you can handle the trek, drive your bike across the bridge, park your vehicle, and set your GPS to explore: Charleston is a city filled with scenic trails that will make you fall in love!

Isle of Palms Bike Rentals

There are several places around the island that offer bike rentals, and many of them will even deliver what you need. There are also plenty of options to choose from, so you can pick out the perfect mountain bike, beach cruiser, or even make your ride more kid-friendly with a trailer or training wheels. Tandem bikes are also available, giving you and a friend or significant other the chance to participate in a whole new kind of cycling experience. IOP Beach Chair Company at 1204 Palm Boulevard Suite C offers more than beach chairs; their Isle of Palms bike rentals are reasonably priced and come with helmets for your safety. Baskets to carry extra supplies are available for an extra fee, and tyke-sized bikes are their biggest rental items. Your kids probably have more energy than you do, so you may as well rent one for them, too! For those youngsters who haven’t quite mastered the skill of two-wheel balance, tagalong bikes are available—simply attach the bar to your own bike and let your youngster feel like he is doing all the work! Carolina Bike & Beach (check out their website at is another great Isle of Palms bike rental place, and they deliver—talk about convenient! Whether you’re an avid cyclist or an occasional biker who likes to ride at leisure, you’ll enjoy being outside and getting to see Isle of Palms from a different point of view. Let our team at Exclusive Properties help you find the most suitable accommodations for your vacation. We have an extensive portfolio of rental listings in prime location and with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay.