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The town of Charleston, South Carolina is truly one like no other in the United States. Though the town holds an incredible southern charm and features a rich culture and traditions, it also hides dark secrets just waiting to be discoveredā€¦ and Ghost Walk is here to help you find them all! With Tricia as your tour guide, you will find both the incredible and unbelievable; we guarantee that your walking tours with Ghost Walk will be unforgettable-though easily frightened guests may try!

Tricia Goron: Your Resident Ghost Walk and History Expert!

If there's one thing that truly separates Ghost Walk from the rest of the pack and makes them the premier tour company in all of Charleston, it would have to be their fearless tour expert Tricia! Tricia was born and raised in Charleston and has been a registered tour guide for almost three decades, so you can rest assured that you will be in the most knowledgeable and capable hands possible. Tricia truly has a passion for what she does, and guests from around the world can truly feel that when she is giving her tours. This, combined with her expertise, will give you the vacation memory of a lifetime!

Charleston House and History Tours

With over 300 years of rich tradition and history, Charleston is a town that is begging to be explored! Ghost Walk invites you to come and find out why Charleston has become known as the Holy City by the Sea and learn about all of its ups and downs-from its humble beginnings during the colonial days to the Siege of Charleston in the Revolutionary War, Fort Sumter and the city's rebirth and redemption, and so much more! Tricia will be sure to give an up close and personal touch of Charleston's history, and in two hours, you'll learn all about why Charleston is one of America's top tourist destinations year after year.

Ghost Walk Tours

Let's be honest, though: While our town's history truly is fascinating, the majority of you are here for something a littleā€¦ spookier. Well, let us assure you of one thing right away: Charleston will not disappoint! The premier service at Ghost Walk is the Ghost Walk tours, a one-and-a-half-hour-long fright full of stories and legends about paranormal experiences that have occurred right here in our very town! You'll see some of Charleston's famous cemeteries, hear about recent sightings, and hear some of the most shocking ghost tales imaginable! Hear tales such as the one about Mary Nolan Thweatt, who could sense the very moment her son was brutally killed, and so much more! These are just a few of the incredible experiences that await when you reserve your spot with Ghost Walk, and so don't hesitate to contact Ghost Walk today! For more information, contact them at (843) 720-8687 or by e-mail at