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An historic city with a beautiful modern flourish, Charleston, South Carolina calls to visitors from near and far. Unique in its ability to balance a rich past with a bright future, Charleston has a way of making guests feel as if they’ve got one foot in yesterday and the other in tomorrow. With roots digging back to 1670, Charleston is a city that continue to enchant and there’s no better way to see the best of Charleston while you’re in town than taking a Charleston Footprints walking tour with Michael Trouche. You’ll come for the history and leave with a renewed sense of love and wonder for the Holy City you’ve arrived in. 

About the Founder

Michael Trouche creates and delivers all the Charleston Footprints tours guests take when visiting South Carolina. A seventh-generation city resident, Michael brings both a passion for the city he introduces guests to, as well as a deep-seated desire to continue learning about it. With an extensive career in journalism to his name, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to each and every tour based on years of dedicated study and research on the city for a variety of news outlets. Tour guests will be delighted to experience not only a walk through the city with Michael, but an intimate look at the city’s history, culture and challenges as seen through the eyes of a local.  

Group Tours

Gather your troupe and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when you sign up for a Charleston Footprints group tour! Available at the reasonable rate of $20 per guest, this is a two-hour experience that takes you into the heart of all that’s amazing about Charleston. Based on the concept of learning through friendly conversation, tours leave at 10:30 am or 2:30 pm and winds through the city as guests are introduced to the great highlights of Charleston alongside those fascinating insider tales. Between the many churches, monuments, graves and historic homes, guests will get a true taste of what gives Charleston its unique flavor and feel. Tours are by reservation and require advanced booking. You can view the calendar and book online at


While tours can be customized to group requests, there are some major sights that guests can expect to see. A close look at the French Quarter, White Point Garden and The Battery are just a few of the exciting stops along the way. Finish up the tour with an inspiring view of Charleston Harbor as a scenic way to end the day.  

Let the Home Experts Help

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