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Located to the northeast of Isle of Palms on Bulls Island (between Myrtle Beach and Charleston) and accessible only by ferry, Boneyard Beach is a hidden gem and a surreal phenomenon that you won't want to miss during your Isle of Palms vacation. Read on below to learn more about what makes Boneyard Beach worth the visit!

A Beautiful Secret Beach Near Isle of Palms

Boneyard Beach covers one and a half miles of Bulls Island's seven miles of shoreline and is home to a strange, photo-worthy tableau: a maritime forest stranded in the midst of the ocean, creating a scene like something out of a painting by Salvador Dali. Here, oaks and cedars have been bleached by the sun and weathered by the salt-tinged air, transforming them into skeletal driftwood figures. The rest of Bulls Island is also worth the visit. Secluded beaches free from crowds and beach houses, a plethora of gorgeous shells, tide pools and wildlife trails teeming with life like Alligator Alley (famous for its abundance of alligators), and 16 miles of trails for hiking can all be found on this tranquil island. Local tour companies like Coastal Expeditions can help you make the journey to Bulls Island to visit Boneyard Beach. If you're planning on visiting Boneyard Beach during your stay in Isle of Palms, remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing that will guard against the wind, as the area is known to be windy. Additionally, we recommend taking the early ferry to the island and the late ferry back from the island, as well as using the restroom at the pier before you depart for the island or at the picnic area. Don't forget to bring plenty of water, as well as snacks or lunch. Boneyard Beach and Bulls Island is the kind of place where time slips away from you, which is why we recommended taking the ferry at the times above. However you spend your time at Boneyard Beach, it's an incredible opportunity that makes for a memorable vacation moment.

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