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The city of Charleston is one that just oozes personality and charisma and has as long and diverse of a history as any other city in the United States. Though Charleston has changed and evolved many times since its founding all the way back in 1663, our pride in our rich tradition and history has never wavered-and now we'd love to share it with you! Charleston is a city that begs to be explored to its fullest, and there's simply no better way to do it than by taking a walking tour with Ashley on The Cooper! Ashley on The Cooper offers a number of different tours that are perfect for all members of your family, ranging from traditional historical tours to something a little… different.

Discover the Rich History Charleston

The beautiful town of Charleston is one that features an incredibly colorful past, and Ashley on The Cooper wants you to come explore it all! Every day of the week they offer an incredible 2-hour history walking tour on the peninsula of Charleston, and their knowledgeable guides will introduce you to some of the unique stories and experiences that have shaped the area into what it is today. Beginning with the founding of the city during Colonial times, you will retrace Charleston's legacy from a rowdy colony to its rise as the birthplace of Secession, and ultimately its rebuilding and rebirth into the jewel of the south that it has become today. This is the perfect tour for the family looking for something both educational and fun!

Murder Walk… Zoinks!

There's been a murder on the streets of Charleston, and only you can help solve it! The Murder Walk tour is an interactive journey through the gas-lit streets of Charleston where a murder in cold blood has occurred, and we need you to pick up the scent of the killer, put all the pieces together, and bring this monster to justice! This tour is one of the most unique offerings at Ashley on The Cooper, and it is sure to be the one memory that will last forever from your Charleston vacation!

The Macabre Ghost Tour - Guaranteed to Frighten and Delight!

Last but certainly not least is a tour that we believe is unlike any other that you'll find in Charleston-one that is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine! The City of Charleston truly changes once the sun sets over the horizon; the spirts of yesteryear come out to play… and Ashley on The Cooper want to take you on a tour to see it for yourself! Take a tour through the gas-lit streets of Charleston, where licensed tour guides will share tales of great tragedy and make you feel as if you're reliving the story right then and there. This is a perfect tour for those looking to discover the history of Charleston that you won't learn about in any guide books, and it may even make believers in the staunchest deniers of the paranormal! These are just a few of the different types of amazing tours that Ashley on The Cooper has to offer, so check them out on your next vacation to see everything that Charleston and Ashley on The Cooper has in store for you! For more information on rates or to book your tour today, call 843-518-1977, or e-mail any time at