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Touring the USS Yorktown Charleston aircraft carrier is a great way to spend a day in the Charleston area. This historical battleship played an important role during World War II and has now settled in the waters of Patriots Point as a museum ship. You can hop aboard for a trip through U.S. Navy and Charleston history. History lovers, military buffs, and those interested in boats and ships will all be happy to get the chance to explore this unique sightseeing attraction, located just a few miles away from your Exclusive Properties vacation rental—eight and a half miles to be exact! You can even rent a taxi or other form of transportation if you feel uncomfortable making the drive yourself, which is yet another advantage to staying in one of our vacation homes; they are close to everything!


The USS Yorktown was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the U.S. Navy, originally commissioned on April 15, 1943 after only 16 ½ months of construction. The amazing workmanship that was put into the carrier was in part because of the demand for an offensive in the Pacific during World War II. USS Yorktown would go on to earn 11 battle stars for its service. After surviving World War II unscathed, this massive aircraft carrier continued its winning service, earning five of its previously mentioned 11 battle stars in Vietnam. Perhaps, most famously, the USS Yorktown recovered the Apollo 8 astronauts and capsule in December of 1968. This was an important mission for the NASA program, as it was only the second manned spaceflight in American history. The USS Yorktown would then be decommissioned and put on battle reserve two years later, in 1970 Ever since 1975, the ship has been in Charleston as the centerpiece of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, where thousands of tourists a year trod upon the historic decks, learning its stories as they marvel at all that had been accomplished before being decommissioned. The USS Yorktown has traveled many miles over the years, fought many battles, and now it’s time for it to rest on its laurels.

Basic Tours

Admission for tours of Patriots Point includes access to USS Yorktown, the USS Laffey destroyer ship, and the USS Clamagore submarine. Adult (12 or older) tickets cost $22 each, senior tickets are $17, children aged 6 to 11 are $14, and children under six are admitted for free. Additionally, tickets for those with a military ID will cost $17, and those dressed in uniform are admitted free. We in South Carolina salute those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom; how could we even think of charging for their admission? The USS Yorktown tour includes an exhibit based around the Apollo spacecraft. You’ll be able to take a ride to the moon as you listen to the actual radio communications and watch video of the Apollo’s landing, reliving that exciting, yet frightening time period in American history. You may even find yourself biting your nails in fear that the astronauts won’t make it home, even though you obviously know they did!

Ghost Tours

Looking for a history lesson and a scare at the same time? The USS Yorktown in Charleston SC is known as one of the most haunted ships in the country and ranks number three on the list of most haunted places in all South Carolina as well. As a result, there are now nighttime ghost tours offered aboard “The Fighting Lady.” These tours aren’t for the timid, as you’ll learn about all the strange activity and ghoulish behavior that has been witnessed on the USS Yorktown since the ship was put out of commission. Earning a starring role on the Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters, the heroes who served aboard this powerful aircraft carrier still try to be heard decades after their untimely deaths. You might even feel a chill down your spine and encounter your own paranormal experience. USS Yorktown Tours are offered nightly, but depend on the season. Prospective visitors should book a trip ahead on Prices start at $25 for this 90-minute tour. For more on Isle of Palms attractions/events: