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The Isle of Palms is the ultimate destination for an all-girls vacation. From shopping to ghost tours, your vacation is guaranteed to be full of fun, excitement and great memories. Don’t forget to get your camera ready because there are plenty of cool pictures to take when you're enjoying these IOP activities.

Day 1: Ghost Tours

Start your vacation with a bang. Visit the infamous haunted houses of Charleston and feel a tingle down your spine. Because nothing says thrill like visiting a graveyard after dark. Or you can explore the haunted jail tower. Rumor has it many ghosts lurk in that tower and just won’t leave. Maybe you would like to listen to their stories.

Day 2: Tasting Tours

Now that you got all that jitteriness out of your system, you must be famished. How about a food tour down Upper King Street? As one of the top ten food neighborhoods in America, you’re bound to spend the best 2.5 hours a foodie can have. Or you if you prefer the French Quarter in Charleston, the food there is beyond delicious. Bring a big appetite.

Day 3: Tennis

Spending a day outdoors enjoying the great views of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston and Sullivan's Island while playing tennis is a dream that only comes true in this vacation. Tennis courts are available to the public and you can book in advance if you want to get tennis lessons.

Day 4: Art Galleries

Enjoying art is something you don’t need to be on a vacation to do. Yet the local art galleries here give you ample opportunities to explore the local artists and craftspeople from around the area. Carry home a painting or a piece of sculpture to remind yourself of the great vacation you had in the Lowcountry.

Day 5: Historical Attractions

Spending a day learning about the rich history of the Lowcountry sounds like a good idea. Take a boat to Fort Sumter where the first shot was ever fired during the Civil War. Or you can visit Charles Pinckney National Historic Site where the remains of the 1700s plantation shed light on what life was like on these plantations.

Day 6: Shopping in Isle of Palms SC

No vacation is complete without shopping. If you’re not eating or sightseeing, then you should be shopping in Isle of Palms SC. Luckily, the boutiques here have everything you’d ever want to buy and more. Spend the day strolling between the gift shops, clothes shops, and music shops. That’s a day well spent.

Day 7: Watersports

For this day you will head to the water and get as much sun and water spray on your face as you can. Between jet skiing, canoeing, and surfing, you’ll have a memorable vacation to reflect on for years to come. These are just a few of the things you can enjoy while on a girls’ trip to Isle of Palms, but there’s plenty more to do! For a few more relaxing activities, we recommend a massage right in your own vacation home from the talented Roxanne Gelado. Give her a call at 843-743-3003 to book! Another great option for finding peace on vacation is yoga on the beach. Pretty Bride Yoga specializes in beachfront yoga sessions for women where you will feel empowered—just as your core will feel after this great workout! Give Deborah a call at 646-824-9799 for more information. Get in touch with us today to find out more about IOP activities and to book your next vacation home.