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Boat/Fishing Charters and Tours

Many people enjoy nothing more than spending a lazy day on the beach, reading, relaxing, walking along the water’s edge, or just taking the time to relax and rejuvenate. Tranquil and peaceful, these people feel the ocean’s powers are meant to be used for helping them take a timeout in life. Many other people, however, find it difficult enough to stay still while sleeping, and for them, they look out at the crashing waves of the ocean as a challenge. How can they get out there and conquer the power of the water, and how much fun can they have doing it? If you’re more the conqueror type, we’ve prepared a list of the more popular Isle of Palms water sports designed to keep you active and engaged while you’re hanging 10 at an Isle of Palms beach.

Water Sport Suggestions

If you haven’t spent your life near the water, you may be amazed at the sheer variety of sports that can be played on the waters. From the simple (nothing is more peaceful and fun than a day spent on a stand-up paddle board) to the extreme (Isle of Palms jet skiing and water skiing) and everything in between, there’s nothing you can’t do on the waters here! Surfing, sailing, wave runners, and wakeboards—you can expect to be pretty worn out by the end of the day, but we don’t think you’ll mind too much!

But a Jet Ski Won’t Fit in Our Carry-On

Fortunately for you, we don’t expect you to have the equipment on-hand, and when you’re staying on the Isle of Palms, there are plenty of stores that offer everything you need for a day at the beach; all you have to do is bring your suit (They even have suits for sale, should you forget yours!).

Tidal Wave Water Sports - 69 41st Avenue

Phone: (843) 886-8456

Tidal Wave Water Sports is the biggest and best-known sports equipment rental place on the island. Offering custom charters, wave runner tours along the intercoastal waterways, boat rentals, wakeboard rentals, Isle of Palms jet skiing, and even dolphin cruises and water adventures that will keep your need for excitement sated. There's nothing quite like Isle of Palms water skiing across the beautiful blue waves!

Exclusive Properties

While Isle of Palms appears to be quiet and peaceful, it still has a wild side, and when you book your luxury Exclusive Properties vacation home today, you will soon find yourself discovering all that is wonderful and exciting about Isle of Palms.