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Boat/Fishing Charters and Tours

Underneath the warm waters of the Atlantic Coast along Isle of Palms lies a treasure trove of marine habitats and creatures to observe and explore. The best way to do so? Snorkeling! Read on below to learn more about snorkeling in Isle of Palms.

See Isle of Palms’ Underwater Beauty

Isle of Palms has an exclusive handful of picture-perfect locations for snorkeling in the area. There is decent visibility at depths of fifteen to twenty feet when you get further out from shore, an area that often serves as a marine nursery due to the sediment flowing into the ocean from nearby rivers. Beyond the continental shelf, there are a plethora of gorgeous coral reefs waiting for those who have the desire to venture out from the shoreline. Capers Reef off of the shore of Isle of Palms has depths that range from twenty to forty-five feet, allowing snorkelers to see a mysterious underwater shipwrecked barge down below. About thirty minutes by boat from the coast of Charleston is the Charleston Sixty Reef, which has depths of sixty feet. Boats can be rented from companies like Aqua Safaris or locales like Isle of Palms Marina. Or, catch a guided tour from Charleston Scuba.

The marina charges anywhere from $65.00 per hour for a sixteen-foot boat for five people (for a minimum of two hours) to $475.00 for a full-day rental for a twenty-four foot center or dual console boat or a twenty-foot deckboat for eight to ten people. Discounts for twenty percent off of half- and full-day rentals are available from October 1st to March 31st. Fuel rates, which are added on top of the boat rental rate, range from $2.59 per gallon for dyed diesel to $3.49 per gallon for marine grade non-ethanol fuel. Tidal Wave Water Sports offers custom boat charters and tours for anywhere from $300.00 for two hours to $560.00 for a half-day charter. Prices start at $300.00 and cost $100.00 for each additional hour. To tailor their custom charters to your Isle of Palms snorkeling needs, simply rent out a charter boat and request to travel to places like the Charleston Sixty Reef or Capers Reef!

Exclusive Properties – Bringing You the Best of Isle of Palms

For more specifics on Isle of Palms snorkeling and other thrilling recreation and activities you can partake in during your time in Isle of Palms, contact our reservations team today and discuss booking your accommodations in one of our magnificent vacation rental properties! Other activities to enjoy in Isle of Palms, SC: