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Entertainment Restaurants - Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island

Sometimes a good vacation can be made even better by an evening spent in one of the local bars, drinking delicious adult beverages as you listen to music. If you’re there long enough, you may get to know the “regulars,” and it starts to feel a little bit like home—only with a beach and an ocean and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in your life. This is especially true of the bars in Isle of Palms. Year-round residents of Isle of Palms are a friendly sort; they will wave and smile when they pass you on the street and they will always remember to ask you about your kids or pets as they serve you your next draft beer. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite Isle of Palms, SC bars. You should stop in and wet your whistle when you’re in the neighborhood!

Banana Cabana - 1130 Ocean Boulevard

Phone: (843) 886-4360

Good food, great drinks, and a backyard right on the beach—what else could you want? Banana Cabana is the Cheers of Isle of Palms, but with better weather and more tropical drinks! We love the Planter’s Punch, a drink made with Bacardi Light and Meyers. Visit this Isle of Palms, SC bar yourself to decide what your favorite drink will be!

The Dinghy -8J C Long Boulevard

Phone: (843) 242-8310

You know you have found one of the best bars in Isles of Palms when you look around and discover the patrons are mostly locals. They stay away from the higher priced tourist traps and flock towards the places that offer good old fashioned hospitality and drinks that will make you forget you were only stopping in for a quick drink on the way back to your vacation rental! The Dinghy is such a place, and if you don’t try the conch fritters while sampling one of their many unique beers on tap, you’re going to kick yourself in the morning! Also featuring live music, the Dinghy covers it all!

The Windjammer -1008 Ocean Boulevard

Phone: (843) 886-8596

The Windjammer is more than just a bar; it’s a beach club with a long history. Founded in 1972, the party never ends—even after near destruction from Hurricane Hugo back in 1989. This is THE spot on Isle of Palms to hear the best music, taste the best foods, and discover the meaning of beach life. Home to the Budweiser Bikini Bash in the summer, and some yummy fish and chips, day drinking is the activity du jour at the Windjammer!

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