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The Lowcountry has a lot to offer a guy looking for the thrill of adventure between the waves, underwater, and on land. From golfing to kayaking, your vacation is one endless adventure full of entertainment and plenty of fun. Read below to find out the best things to do in Isle of Palms SC for your guy's trip!

Day 1: Golfing

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean you have to put your tee time on hold until you get back. Wild Dunes Resort has one of the best golf courses in town. The design is challenging, and the views are great; it’s exactly the right place to spend a day out on the green as you improve your game!

Day 2: Kayaking

If you want to get a real feel for the marshes and waterway, a kayak is your best means of transportation. Take a tour among the friendly dolphins who inhabit these warm waters and get close to the marine life as they swim peacefully and go about their daily lives.

Day 3: Fishing

One of the best things you can do as you explore the tidal creeks and the little islands scattered all over the estuary is to bust out your fishing gear and cast a line. But if deep water fishing is your thing, the fishing charters are for you. You can hope to catch a tuna, a shark, or any other fish that congregate in these rich waters.

Day 4: Surfing and Jet Skiing

Of course, vacationing near the ocean means you’re here to enjoy all the exciting watersports on offer. Surfing is one of the popular attractions around here, and even if you don’t know how, there are places like Carolina Salt Surf Lessons that will teach you how to surf.

Day 5: Horseback Riding

When you’ve had enough of the water, it’s time to head inland. But you won’t get too far before you come back to the beach on the back of a horse. Beach horseback riding is one of the most exciting things to do in the Isle of Palms SC. Lessons are provided as well, so you will be riding on your own in a few hours.

Day 6: Carriage Tours

We all know that you can’t get enough of horses. So after enjoying your ride on the beach, you would still want to try another activity that involves horses. This one is going on a carriage tour at a leisurely pace to the historic points of attraction in downtown Charleston. Listen to the guide describe the history and architecture and spend a day going back in time.

Day 7: A Food Feast

Sampling the different cuisines here is something you’d be doing every single day of your vacation. But devoting a day to explore the dishes and foods around town is something only a real foodie would be doing. And for that, you won’t be disappointed. There’s enough to satisfy your taste buds, from casual to fine dining, Italian, Mediterranean, and French cuisines and more. Call us for more information about the best things to do in Isle of Palms SC and to book your vacation rental.