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Welcome to your hands-free stay in Isle of Palms!

Early flight but late check in? We pick up your
luggage curbside and deliver it to your door
later in the day!

Early check out but late flight home? We pick up
your luggage curbside at your rental and deliver
it to you at the airport before your flight!

Priority booking by staying with our partner
means you CAN BOOK NOW to reserve your
preferred date & time!

Use this link to book your luggage valet day and time. 

No more wasted hours babysitting your luggage
at the airport.

Enjoy the extra time in our beautiful city!


We charge a daily flat rate per person which includes one standard sized luggage piece and one personal item for up to 12 hours. (8am-8pm) There are additional fees for bags that are oversized (golf bags, large suitcases) and an additional $10 fee/group for IOP and Folly Beach pickups and deliveries.

Our rates are as follows:*
1 person - $35
2-4 ppl - $25 per person
5+ ppl - $20 per person
*$5 additional service charge per booking

"BagValet aims to assist travelers to bridge the gap between lodging accommodations and flight times by providing daily luggage storage with the convenience of door-to-door service, ultimately taking the 'lug' out of 'luggage'. This allows for more time in the city and less time at the airport!"