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Many of our luxury properties are pet-friendly. Some of our homes, with large backyards and spacious floor plans, are practically begging for a dog to explore the grounds. If you decide to bring your furriest family member along on your Charleston vacation, rest assured that there are plenty of pet friendly areas in Charleston besides our homes. Many of the beaches in Charleston allow dogs on leashes, but you’ll need a permit from the city before your dog can wander much of the waterfront. Here are three dog parks as alternatives for your canine to get exercise and interaction, accessible to all vaccinated dogs.

James Island County Park – 871 Riverland Ave – Charleston, SC

According to, James Island County Park is Charleston’s top-rated pet friendly park. Your dog will feel as spoiled as you do in your luxury home while exploring the park. James Island County Park features a large lake for your dog to swim in and play. This “dog beach” is connected to an open grassy space where your dog can play with other dogs. The cleaning station is a welcomed amenity after a mud-filled day of fun.

Palmetto Islands County Park – 444 Needlerush Parkway – Mount Pleasant, SC

Palmetto Islands County Park is a massive, 943-acre park in nearby Mount Pleasant. Not all of this, of course, is accessible to your dog – but the fenced, off-leash dog park area will surely leave your furry companion satisfied. There is running water for the dogs to make sure they hydrated while playing in the sun. The park also staffs the dog park to ensure the safety and supervision of everybody and their pet. Admission to the park costs $1, and includes some dog treats.

Hazel Parker Park Dog Run – 70 E Bay St – Charleston, SC

Another Charleston pet friendly spot for dog owners is The Hazel Parker Park Dog Run. The park is a fenced-in, off leash area for your dog to roam around. There are two large sections, each big enough to play fetch in. Additionally, there is another fenced in area for smaller dogs.

Hazel Parker Park also offers beautiful views of the nearby water, and is relatively secluded in a quiet neighborhood. This makes it an attractive location for those that don’t want to deal with the popularity of the James Island or Palmetto Islands parks. The park is in a great location too, close to the downtown shops and restaurants of Charleston.